I-Hart In-Home Treatment Program

Scarab’s I-HART Program provides three tracks of in-home treatment for children and youth experiencing sexual victimization issues or displaying sexually reactive behaviors and/or sexual behavior problems and reactive attachment disorders due to neglect, domestic violence, and other traumatic experiences.  The three tracks are:

  • Victimization
  • Sexually Reactive Children
  • Sexual Behavior Problems:   Children and Adolescents

To treat each of these tracks, Scarab provides services and environmental safety planning in the patient’s home, school, or community setting as determined by the youth and family to be the most appropriate location.  Parents and/or guardians are instructed on appropriate Informed Supervision Standards for children/youth displaying such sexualized behaviors and are educated on the dynamics of these behavior cycles. Scarab offers hope, encouragement, and support to youth and families experiences these issues.

Program’s Purpose

Scarab’s I-HART Program addresses issues related to, but not limited to, offender dynamics, victimization, cognitive distortions, healthy sexuality, and family reunification.  Scarab’s senior licensed psychological examiner also performs psycho-sexual and psychological evaluations.

The tracks are designed to help families alleviate the risk of re-offense or continued sexual abuse or the risk that may lead to out-of-home placement of children/youth while focusing on psycho-sexual education, eliminating sexually inappropriate behaviors, and developing a safe environment in the home and community.  Scarab’s I-HART Program includes services focused on maintaining the safety of children/youth and their families in their own homes, the development of appropriate boundaries, the prevention of future abusive behaviors, and the education of guardians on sexually abusive dynamics and Informed Supervision Skills. Scarab does clinical counseling with parents and guardians to offer education and to demonstrate attunement skills with their children that are victims of sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, witnessing domestic violence, and any other traumatic experiences.

What is Informed Supervision

Scarab’s I-HART tracks focus on educating parents/guardians on Informed Supervision Skills and ensure that such skills are put into practice in the youth’s home and community environments.  Informed Supervisors are aware of the youth’s history of sexually reactive or abusive behavior and/or high risk factors. Parents/guardians are trained to monitor all contact between the youth and other family members, siblings, peers, and the community.  Parents/guardians are trained to recognize stages in the youth’s behavior cycles and how to increase positive and proactive communication with the youth.

Treatment Includes:

  • Individual and family psychoeducation
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT)
  • Narrative Exposure Therapy
  • Pre and Post J-SOAP II Assessment
  • Trauma Assessment
  • Attachment/self-regulation/competency (ARC)
  • Environmental Safety Planning


Referrals to Scarab’s program may be received from guardians, pediatricians, neurologists, community mental health center, residential facilities, school personnel, CPS/DCS, juvenile court, probation officers, attorneys, GALs, and other resources.  

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