I-Hart In-Home Treatment Program

Scarab Behavioral Health Services offers in-home treatment programs for adults, children, and youth experiencing emotional behavior problems as a result of trauma. In-Home treatment is a unique opportunity to change the life trajectory of children and families. The consequences of not addressing trauma are that families’ mental health needs go unnoticed, and thus untreated.

Healthcare insurance companies and mental health practitioners are increasingly focusing on the harmful effects of trauma on health status for both children and adults. Scarab Behavioral Health’s I-Hart program acknowledges the role that trauma has played in patients’ lives, shifting the question from “What is wrong with you?” to “What happened to you?” This approach recognizes that much of the behavior demonstrated by individuals with a history of trauma developed as a coping mechanism and suggests that appropriate treatment can retrain the brain to respond to situations in a healthier way.  Scarab also acknowledges that the traditional clinical treatment setting itself can unintentionally re-traumatize individuals and strives to create an in-home treatment environment that is sensitive to this for both patients and staff.

What is Trauma?

  • Can be single event.
  • More often multiple events, over time (complex, prolonged trauma).  
  • Interpersonal violence or violation, especially at the hands of an authority or trust figure, is especially damaging.

Why is getting the right care important:

  • Trauma is pervasive.
  • Trauma’s impact is broad, deep, and life-shaping.
  • Trauma affects the more vulnerable.
  • Trauma affects how people approach services.
  • The service system has often been activating or re-traumatizing.

Services Provided by I-Hart

  • Routinely screen for trauma exposure and related symptoms.  
  • Use culturally appropriate, evidence-based assessment, and treatment for traumatic stress and associated mental health symptoms.  
  • Make resources available on trauma exposure, its impact, and treatment.  
  • Engage in efforts to strengthen the resilience and protective factors of individuals impacted by and vulnerable to trauma.  
  • Address patient trauma and its impact on the family system.
  • Emphasize continuity of care and collaboration across child-service systems.  
  • Maintain an environment of care for patient that addresses, minimizes, and treats secondary traumatic stress and that increases resilience.

To learn more about Scarab’s I-HART Programs, please call 615-262-7822.

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